How to write a job advert – Our guide!

How to write a job advert – The JM&Co. recruitment agency guide!

Are you asking yourself how to write a job advert for your vacancy… one that attracts the ideal candidates?

The job advertisement you put on the internet or share with recruitment agencies, is your chance to attract and recruit the highest quality candidates to your vacancy.

That means you need to post a job listing that’s concise, considered and relevant, but how do you do this?

Does your job advertisement need to have a catchy headline?  What about an introduction? How can it immediately capture the attention of your target audience?

If you’re not sure where to start with writing job advertisements, read more about – How To Create Job Ads That’ll Attract The Ideal Candidates.

In this article, we’ll be looking at:

  • What makes a good job advert?
  • How do I write a recruitment advert headline that attracts attention
  • What is a punch headline for my job advert?
  • How do I write a job advert introduction?
  • How can I make my advert relevant.
  • Should I include a salary range in the advertisement?
  • What other tips are there for writing a job advert?

What makes a good advert for your vacancy?

There are thousands of job adverts out there at any given time – some great, some okay and some (many) not so good.

So how do you get your opportunity to receive well-matched applications?

The job advert is the first point of contact with a potential employer in the hiring process, and as such it needs to be well written and well presented.

To help cut through the noise, your job posting needs to thorough, it needs sell your company, your vacancy, your team and the dream!

It should engage potential employees to take the time and check you out above your competition.

A good job posting will have a catchy (but not cringy) headline, a strong opening paragraph, a well-spaced layout and be descriptive.

How do I write a recruitment advert headline that attracts attention?

One of the most important parts of any recruitment advert is the headline.

This is the very first thing that your potential candidates will read and it’s your best chance of getting their attention. So how do you make your position stand out from the crowd?

Let’s look at some things to consider when you are writing your advert headline:

You need to make sure that it is intriguing.  You want to attract the right candidates, but how do you do that?

The answer is to learn the art of the punch headline.

What is a punch headline for my advert?

A good punch headline should be short, around 5-8 words or less, and to the point.

Short and to the point tells the reader exactly what you’re trying to express, and it fits on a large screen or page (because these are the places where they are most likely to be seen).

An example might be:

Team-orientated Management Accountant with Three Years of Accounting Experience

How do I write a job advert introduction?

After a dazzling headline, the introduction is next thing candidates read, so it needs to be interesting and engaging.

If you have amazing content, but a boring introduction, you will lose candidates before they start, and they will not return.

Keep your introduction short – a few sentences which outline your company and the job vacancy you’re recruiting for.

Include keywords that identify with the applicant about the job vacancy you are recruiting for.

Ensure you include the job title, information about your company and why your business is a great company too work for.

Let applicants know why they should come and work for you.

List relevant skills and experience required for the position / positions.

How can I make my advert relevant?

By using smaller paragraphs to list the responsibilities.  Keep them as short and as punchy or to the point as you can.

Bullet points are a great way to get the right measure of information across.

You don’t need to go into too much detail about the daily responsibilities, but do let the candidate know what will be required of them to fulfill the role.

Include the experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications required for the applicant to be successful in the role.

A person specification also support the recruitment of a vacancy, so include one if you can.

If you can, include interesting visuals, maybe your company logo and other brand relevant content.  You’ll be amazed at how many people will know of you company from seeing your brand in their every day lives, without actually knowing it.  This will help make the connection!

Try to avoid any unnecessary jargon or industry specific terminology (unless required).  This may be familiar to you in your everyday work, but candidates may not know what it means and it may cause them to switch off.

Check for spelling mistakes and ensure the grammar is correct.  Any errors here could damage the candidates’ perception of the brand and put your good work in writing an advert to waste.

Should I include a salary range in the advertisement?

You can choose to exclude the salary from your job advert, but be mindful this can have a detrimental effect and put candidates off applying.

To applicants, the salary is also an important aspect of the job and it plays a large part in their job search requirements.

Question: How likely are you to commit to buying something without knowing how much it actually costs?

What other tips are there for writing a job advert?

Make an amazing first impression and keep your advert search friendly.

Get the job title right and steer clear of trying to be too unique or creative to attract attention, it may just go the other way.

Include the job title throughout the job advertisement (around 5-8 times should do it), as this will increase your recruitment advertising visibility on line when candidates are searching.

For example:

“As our Management Account, you will be responsible for:”

Instead of:

“Responsibilities include:”

Choose your keywords carefully for job boards and search engines.  Remember — what are the key points to this job role and how should you advertise them.

Conclusion – How to write a successful job advert.

Whether your are recruiting via job boards, a recruitment agency, employee referral or job fairs, you advert has to really shine to capture the best attention.

Taking a small amount of time to get your advert correct from the beginning, will both save you a hole heap of time in later days / weeks, whilst also ensuring you find you next star employee first time around.

We hope that this helps with the structure of your job advertisement, and we wish you every success with your recruitment.


PS. We love job adverts, so if you want to chat over yours, please contacts us.  We’d just love to hear if this article has been useful in finding your target candidates and achieving qualified applicants.

Our promise if you would like to get in touch – Although we are recruiters, we promise there will be no obligation to recruit through us!

Thank you for reading how to write a successful advert!

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