Preparing for your Interview…

How do I prepare for my interview interview?

Interviews can be a daunting prospect for many, especially if you haven’t had an interview for a while.  One of the best ways to reduce nervous tension or stress prior to an interview is to be well prepared, both physically and intellectually.  Here are some pre-interview tips to help you on the day:

Before Your Interview

Be mentally fresh – get a good night’s sleep.

Try not to get too involved with that ‘final bit of research’ the night before your interview.

You may find that you all of that information may keep you up!

Do however, thoroughly review the research you have done on the company, the interviewer(s) and the position you are being interviewed for, so that you can discuss the position you are applying for in a knowledgeable manner – it just may not be a good idea as your going to bed!

Wear clothing appropriate to the company’s image and suitable to the job.

Plan the night before (just in case!) so it’s one less thing to think about.

If you have come across this job via a recruitment agency and you’re concerned, give them a call and they will be able to help.

If this is a direct application, think about what you have researched and wear something that’s acceptable and smart… unless otherwise advised!

Your appearance is important.

It is reported that when you meet for the first time, the mind starts evaluating within the first three seconds of meeting.

This may or may-not be the case but it’s worth keeping in mind that you may be assessed on your grooming, overall presentation and body language before you even get a chance to speak.

Where is your interview going to be?

Plan your route and have our telephone number / the companies telephone number to hand just in case.

Google maps (and other on-line maps) are a great way to find out about roadworks etc. before you actually travel.

If you have a smartphone, have your journey saved the day before, otherwise it may be a good idea to do a pre-interview run?

Make sure that you have the correct address and time of the interview, you don’t want to arrive late and breathless as you run through the door!

If you need to park, ensure that you have enough change for parking.

What should you do on the day of your interview?

Remember that your interview can start the moment you arrive on-site.

The receptionist may have been instructed to write down his/her observations as you enter the building.

Treat everyone you encounter with friendliness and respect.

Be sure you know the name and correct pronunciation of the person or persons who will be interviewing you.

Arrive a few minutes early.

Switch your mobile phone off.

Dispose of sweets or chewing gum before you enter the building.

Develop a firm (but not bone-crushing) handshake and maintain eye contact.

Take to an interview only those things you need – two copies of your CV, a list of references, important work samples, a reliable pen and a note pad – all of which should fit neatly into a large folder, envelope or briefcase.

An interview is a two-way-street.

An interview is a conversation between two interested parties, not an interrogation to be feared of.

It is a two-way process since the employer wants to find out about you and you want to find out about the employer.


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