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JM&Co. Recruitment is a local recruitment agency and our job vacancies extend to Brackley, Bicester, Banbury, Buckingham, Towcester, Silverstone and surrounding areas.

Our client’s recruit and hire into Office, Accountancy and Technical job roles, for permanent and fixed-term contract placements.  We have a fantastic online and social presence, and we regularly showcase our job vacancies to thousands of candidates via our social media platforms as well as on our weekly employment update emails.

We have exceptional local knowledge and a great reputation for providing an excellent recruitment service to hiring businesses and job seekers.

With over 20-years experience supporting local businesses, get in touch to see why hiring managers use us to successfully hire and build teams.

Recruit with a guarantee – 💯%!

We understand the local job market and we’re confident of our abilities… we like to think of ourselves as a trusted extension to an HR department.

Because we regularly meet with candidates and we truly get to know our clients requirements, we offer an extensive 100% rebate guarantee to our ‘sole agency’ partners.

Drop us a line to see how our recruitment agency can benefit your business when recruiting.

🔥 Tailored & cost effective hiring

Our recruitment agency offers a bespoke service to each of our clients, at any level and at short notice.  We’d love to offer our full service all of the time, but equally we understand that this may not be required in all cases.

If you would like to find out how some of our clients utilize our recruitment platforms at a discounted cost, give us a call and we’ll share our packages with you.

🔎 ‘Hire Confident’ with our candidate attraction

A strong on-line presence and good candidate attraction is essential when recruiting for any vacancy, so we have invested a lot of time in developing our brand and increasing our visibility.

Through our social media channels and mobile-first website, we can broadcast your vacancy to:

  • Over 3,000 followers Facebook + your vacancy post shares on Facebook relevant pages.
  • 12,000 + followers on Instagram
  • 1,000 + visitors each month on our website
  • JM&Co’s LinkedIn page and our consultants personal LinkedIn networking profiles.
  • Some of the top UK job boards + 150 aggregated job sites, including indeed and Google.
  • Registered candidates across all sectors, including commercial office, accountancy and technical.
  • A talent pool of prospective candidates generated from a search specifically for your vacancy.


Tech to Rec

📡 Video Meeting Rooms – Multiple premium platforms for interviewing.

Our agency offers client branded live feed virtual meeting rooms, which are great for interviewing.

We have two systems available for our partners, either of which are offered as complimentary part of the hiring process.

Our first is a platform that uses an ultra-low bandwidth of 1.5 mbps for up to 9 attendees.  It’s quite informal in appearance and includes session recording and screen cast features, which are ideal for hiring managers to take part in interviews from different time zones for example.

The second platform has a slightly more corporate look and feel, and allows up to 3 attendees.  It’s looks really good and is geared more towards the formal interview style.

Both systems don’t require any app downloads and they offer reliable patented multi-streaming video feeds!

Contact us to arrange a video chat – let’s show you how good these really are!

📱 Showcase your business and hire with a company branded app page.

This is ACE!  Hire in confidence with your own company branded app page, specifically designed to showcase your business brand when recruiting.

Our recruitment partners have found this to be a great tool for sharing and promoting their company brand and culture, ultimately achieving candidate buy-in to there company from the get go!

Your hire app can include:

  • A company logo and a backdrop image of your choice.
  • Your brand description and a dynamic feed to your website or YouTube channel.
  • Recruitment buttons, application form buttons, link buttons… any buttons!
  • Your social media links

Want to see what this complementary service looks like? Here, have a peek!

👋 Help with a shortlisting assessment program or on-boarding

Do you want to create a shortlisting assessment program, an introduction portal to your business or brand prior to on-boarding… or both!

Our assessment and on on-boarding tools have proved to be really useful for our recruitment partners.

They offer uniformity throughout the recruitment and hiring stages, whilst promoting the company brand and increasing candidate interest.

Contact us for more information.

🎚 Video applications, specific to your business and vacancy…

JM&Co. also offer a platform for candidates to share their applications with hiring managers (showcasing their skills, experience and interest) via a video.

Candidates simply click on a link to submit a video to a predefined business format… no login or app download required.

The recruitment process nowadays assumes that all candidates are all professional CV writers… they are not (or else they would work in the recruitment sector!), but we are in the video age, so, why not hear directly from the candidate behind the CV at application stage?


  • Candidates record video profiles.
  • Candidates record video submissions for a particular role.
  • Employers use video to introduce themselves and the company.
  • Video testimonials from employees.

We have the tools to allow you to do all of this!

Contact us for more information.

🛠 Our day to day back-office toolbox is awesome!

🔬 Advanced Search Syntax

We meet with all shortlisted candidates, we write interview notes, we scan Word and PDF CVs and we take jpeg copies of certificates.  Our back office information is fully encrypted with our built-in systems… which also forms the base of our advanced searching functionality (advanced search syntax), which allows us to find key words in hand written notes, text in images and information buried deep inside a PDF.

💻 One of the world’s best CRM Systems

At JM&Co., we use the ultimate front office recruitment CRM.  This is delivered by a leading global provider of recruitment software and offers end to end Azure encryption, lighting fast searches (to accompany our advanced syntax searching), integration with job posting services / online talent acquisition and full applicant / vacancy tracking.

💎 Leading job boards and social media channels

Strong candidate attraction is essential when recruiting for any vacancy.  Here at JM&Co. we have invested a lot of time in developing our brand and increasing visibility to talent through social media channels and mobile first website technology…  this will enable us to broadcast your vacancy to:

  • Over 3,000 followers on Facebook, and your vacancy post shares on Facebook relevant pages.
  • 12,000 plus followers on Instagram
  • 1,000 + visitors each month on our website
  • JM&Co’s LinkedIn page, and our consultants personal LinkedIn networking profiles, offering a reach to over 3,000 connections.
  • Some of the top UK job boards + 150 aggregated job sites, including indeed and Google.

📣 Your vacancy, converted to speech

Our systems allow us to convert your company profile and job descriptions directly to speech, increasing content accessibility.  Our tech reduces the need for voice over actors,   long waits for conversion or additional costs for one off or small projects… JM&Co. offer this as a free service to our recruitment partners.

Why not click below, to hear how it sounds!


Case Study - Working with Bicester Heritage

We were delighted to partner with Bicester Heritage to assist them in hiring an Office Administrator to join their team.

This was a really diverse Office Administrator vacancy.  The Office Administrator job responsibilities included:

  • Prepare and edit correspondence, communications, presentations and other documents.
  • Manage and maintain executives’ schedules, appointments and travel arrangements.
  • Arrange and co-ordinate meetings.
  • Record, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings.
  • Answer and manage incoming calls.
  • Receive and interact with incoming visitors daily and occasionally give tours of the site.
  • Liaise with internal staff.
  • Interact with external clients.
  • Maintain and build relations with all on site teams and suppliers.
  • Track and order office supplies.

We met with the Hiring Manager at Bicester Heritage to fully understand their hiring requirements, in terms of the Office Administrator job responsibilities and personality profile.

Following a really informative meeting, we commenced our search!

On Facebook alone, our job advert saw:

  • a reach of 31,987 people

From our job advert, we built a shortlist and invited candidates to our office for a registration meeting and application interview.

Bicester Heritage received SIX extremely strong candidate CVs from us and we arranged interviews for all.  After a further shortlist to second interview, the Office Administrator role was offered and successfully filled.

We’d love to do the same for you, why not contact us.

📡 Video Meeting Rooms – Multiple premium platforms for interviewing.

Staff on-boarding platform when you hire
Branded video applications when you hire with JM&Co.

🛠 Our day to day back-office toolbox is awesome!

In our day to day recruitment life, we use some of the most advanced tools in our industry.  These include:

If you’re wondering which recruitment agency you should use to hire staff, use the links below to find out why local hiring managers partner with JM&Co.

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