Our Amazing Video Interviewing Tech!

We all have video tech, right?  But our video interviewing technology is a little special!


🎥 Did you know JM&Co. offer client branded live-feed video interviewing for up to 8 interviewers (and 1 interviewee), all of whom can be located in independent offices anywhere around the world:

  • No downloads.
  • No app necessity.
  • Reliable patented multi-streaming video feeds.

We have two systems available for our clients, one that offers low-bandwidth for a video stream of up to 9 people, and another for up to 3 people that offers more of a corporate look and feel.

Here are some highlights:


Up to 9 people on screen!

Availability for up to 9 participants ‘on the screen’ within one video stream!  There is also an option for other business members to join and observe.



All browser-based.

The video call is available via PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any web and video enabled device.  No downloads, no installation and no apps necessary (an android / iOS app is available however, if preferred!).



One click entry.

Additional interviewers can be invited to your video call by simply sending a link within the browser at the time of the video call, resulting in 1 click entry.  This is really useful when you would like to quickly invite a colleague or team manager, who may have just become available, to join an interview.



Stability in video service, irrespective of poor internet connection, as a bandwidth of 1,5 Mbit/sec is maintained at all times regardless of there being 1 or 9 attendees!  Great for mobiles!


Record your meeting.

Record an interview (with the candidates consent of course!) to view at a later time or at point of offer.


Client branding.

Your video meeting room can be client branded with a company specific landing page / header.




Get in touch to find out how partnering with JM&Co. Recruitment can enable Live Stream video interviewing as part of your recruitment process, we’d love to share details with you!