How to make the best first impression

How to make the best first impression

First impressions are crucial. It takes someone just a few seconds to form an opinion of you, and once made, it can be very hard to change. No matter whether you are interviewing for a new job, meeting a potential client or simply meeting someone new, you should always be focusing on ensuring you are making the very best first impression possible.

Every time you meet someone, they are evaluating you, so if you are looking to make the best first impression, here are some of the best ways to make the best impact:

Be on time

No matter what the meeting might be for, being on time is crucial. Arriving late makes an immediate bad impression and shows a lack of interest, no matter how good your excuse might be. Build-in enough time to allow for any possible delays but remember that arriving too early can also be just as bad, so if you do find yourself too early, take a walk around the block or grab yourself a coffee.

Dress to impress

Your physical appearance is vital when trying to make a positive first impression; without knowing your first personality or even hearing you speak for the first time, your appearance is the first clue people have to go on.

Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible way by looking as smart as you can. It is always better to be overdressed for a meeting than too casual.

Make eye contact

When entering a room, make sure you greet everyone in the room, making eye contact with each of them while doing so. This helps to showcase your confidence and maturity, as well as indicating that you are interested in what they have to say.

Think about your body language

Making a great first impression is all about showing that you are a confident and welcoming individual. This means sitting up in your chair and not slouching, and maintaining eye contact with the person who is speaking. This shows that you are interested in what they have to say. Be friendly and warm to people, too; a smile can go a long way!

Be yourself

Whilst it is important to be showcasing yourself in the best possible light, you also want to be yourself. Of course, you need to try and fit in, but it is important you are able to demonstrate who you are and what makes you unique. When you are open and able to be yourself, you will appear more confident, which, in turn, will help you build a rapport and trust with others in the room.

Be positive

Above all, be positive throughout the meeting. When you are confident and positive, it is infectious and shines through to everyone else you meet, ensuring you are able to make a great first impression and will be remembered for all of the right reasons.

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