How to be more confident in your next meeting

How to be more confident in your next meeting


Whether it is a job interview, a presentation to a colleague or a client meeting, having to speak in front of people can be an incredibly nerve-wracking moment for many of us.

Confidence is a key trait to have, but much of it is an act, and no matter how nervous you might feel inside, portraying a sense of confidence to other people in the room will help you to get ahead of the rest and stand out from the crowd.

Everyone feels nervous at times, but being perceived as confident will help to make people warm to you.

If you are struggling with self-confidence, here are some proven ways to make you appear more assertive:

Be Prepared

One of the biggest issues with self-confidence is a lack of belief in your own knowledge of a subject.

Heading into a meeting or presentation as prepared as possible will ensure you are able to keep your nerves at bay.

Before going in, practice your answers to certain questions and ensure you have all your facts correct, as this will help you to not only feel more confident but will also showcase your knowledge on the subject matter.


Focus on your body language

Shrinking away in your chair is not only a sign of low confidence, but it can also make it appear like you are disinterested.

When sitting around a table, sit upright and keep your head focused on the person talking.

Not only does this help you appear more eager, but research has shown it can also help to make you feel more confident and positive.

If you are giving a presentation, then think about how you are being perceived and what you are doing with your hands.

Harvard Business Review has a great study into what persuasive body language looks like.


Speak clearly

When we are nervous, we are more likely to speak quickly, which can lead to tripping over our words and stammering.

When it is your time to talk, utilise the power of the pause and think about what you want to say before coherently and slowly relaying that information to the other attendees.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Engaging with what is happening in the room will help you to appear more engaged with what is happening.

Not only that, but the more you join the conversation, the more you will relax and the less nervous you will be.


Dress the part

Finally, one of the most important tips for helping you to feel more confident is to dress correctly.

When you are dressed smartly and look the part, you will feel much more positive about yourself and will also be perceived as more assertive by other people in the room.

If you are unsure of what to wear, it is always better to be dressed more formally than required than it is to be too casual.


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